Environmental Compliance

We work with clients to provide site environmental management and compliance for projects, both in marine construction and land-based infrastructure. We offer a diverse range of experience supporting projects with Environmental Planning and approvals, site-based environmental management and monitoring, compliance auditing and inspections.

Environmental Remediation

Our team has extensive experience in large scale remediation of contaminated sites, landfill site construction, wetlands; and rehabilitation works for contaminated sites across both the private and public sectors.

Hazardous Building Materials Management

RARE is licensed, trained and equipped to manage and remove any type of hazardous building material. We work with our clients to navigate asbestos compliance matters to meet environment and legislative requirements.

Contaminated Land Consulting

We can deliver the full range of Contaminated land site assessment services, from desktop studies, detailed investigations, remediation planning and validation.

Corporate Sustainability

We offer strategic consulting and support for any size business in their corporate sustainability journey, through the development of sustainability strategy, policy, plans and programs.

Who We Are

RARE is a modern, dynamic environmental management company with decades of consulting and contracting experience in various sectors.

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with experience in environmental planning & compliance, remediation & contaminated land management, marine monitoring and corporate sustainability. We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver best-practice environmental outcomes by identifying cost effective and practical solutions. We offer exceptional level of service with quality workmanship and genuine care.

State Significant Infrastructure Projects
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