Site Remediation

RARE’s multidisciplinary site remediation team offers a full spectrum of contaminated land remediation skills and experience.

RARE has delivered various significant remediation projects across the country including gasworks sites, landfill cell constructions, chemical plant demolitions and water treatment plant constructions. This vast experience translates to better outcomes for our clients.

We thoroughly understand the complexities that site contamination can present from a human health and ecological risk. Our people have a thorough understanding of the many site influences which impact on the delivery of a diverse range of remediation methodologies and help our clients navigate through these processes.

Assisting our client’s site remediation projects from inception to completion, the cornerstone of our approach is to apply cost-effective and scientifically proven remediation approaches to achieve the project objectives and end site use goal, whilst exceeding legislative requirements.

RARE’s team of experienced remediation professionals includes environmental scientists, engineers, occupational hygienists, technicians and industry professionals, who pride themselves on developing and delivering well thought out and practical solutions for our clients.thorough

Our site remediation services include: