RARE Environmental is licenced, trained and equipped to manage and remove any type of hazardous building material.

A regular contaminate of roof spaces, painted surfaces and soil, lead presents serious health risks if excessive or repeat exposure is experienced, especially within young children. Often the risk goes unnoticed until such time site upgrades or building renovations are planned where spaces or structures not normally accessed for decades now need to be disturbed.

Backed by our in-house occupational hygiene assessment and management principals, RARE’s lead management team is well versed in the legislative requirements and safe removal techniques involved to remove lead contamination from your site. Our team members have been involved with significant lead contaminated remediation projects including shooting range assessments and clean ups, a large industrial portfolio of lead paint management and historical lead in soil contamination remediation.

Our personnel are trained in the appropriate lead handling and disposal practices and maintain up to date lead in blood testing to ensure their ongoing health and safety is maintained. RARE maintains a fleet of lead-specific plant, including decontamination trailers and HEPA vacuums.