Clandestine Labs

RARE Environmental is licenced, trained and equipped to manage and remove any type of hazardous building material.

Clandestine Methamphetamine laboratories (Meth Labs) are becoming an increasingly common issue in residential and commercial settings. Meth labs can be established anywhere from residential houses, hotel rooms to back of factory operations. Commonly lacking any visual indications of contamination due to deceiving cover-up efforts, unknowing occupants of previous meth lab sites can suffer significant health complications which can continue until the residual chemicals have been completely removed.

RARE has recognised this upward trend and drawing on our vast experience of hazardous building material remediation, our skillset has been seamlessly transferred into the meth lab clean up space. Our Methamphetamine Decontamination Technicians are fully trained and certified under the industry leading training company, Decon Systems.

As the industry rapidly evolves, no legislation, standards or Codes of Practice are in governance, leaving the door open for unsafe and unsatisfactory removal processes. RARE pride ourselves on being a professional and compliant industry leader which follows the current industry best practices including the Australian Voluntary Code of Practice and Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines. We also utilise the latest and innovative clean up technologies to remove residual risks the first time, avoiding costly follow-up cleans.

RARE works closely with our clients to present the various remediation options which may differ significantly from room to room depending on the extent of the former meth lab operation. Assisting with the initial assessment and clearance of our meth lab remediation projects, RARE maintains key relationships with independent occupational hygienists who specialise in Clandestine labs ensuring our remediation works are maintained to the highest possible standard.

Additional Hazardous Building Material Services provided by RARE include: