WestConnex Asbestos Management and Compliance

Project Description

RARE were engaged by CPB Dragados Samsung JV to provide asbestos management and compliance services during the construction of St Peters Interchange as part of the overall WestConnex Motorway project.

RARE’s services were crucial in facilitating continuity of the project and avoiding delays due to the presence of asbestos across the worksite. RARE’s experienced asbestos management team worked with multiple subcontractors, across multiple work fronts with varying scope of works which all presented different asbestos exposure and management challenges.

RARE developed and rolled out site-specific asbestos awareness training across the site which enabled subcontractors to operate safely within an asbestos exclusion zone who were not directly involved in carrying out asbestos removal works but were required to conduct other site works.

Under RARE’s continual asbestos supervision this proved to be vital to ensuring project continuity and avoiding unnecessary delays.

Site activities included:

  • Development and implementation of all site-specific asbestos documentation including the Asbestos Management Plan and Asbestos Removal Control Plan
  • Friable asbestos supervision and removal
  • Continual management and maintenance of asbestos controls
  • Decontamination of personnel and equipment