Telecommunications Infrastructure Asbestos Remediation

Project Description

RARE were engaged by Venita to undertake asbestos removal services for approximately 250 telecommunication assets throughout NSW and ACT. As part of ongoing site upgrades and audits, RARE assisted Ventia to fulfil their facility maintenance contract requirements by removing high risk friable and non-friable asbestos items as identified during hazardous material site surveys.

RARE’s asbestos team travelled throughout NSW and ACT undertaking removal works from simple site emu picks to complex electrical duct heater removals. RARE also relied on developed specialist trade relationships to assist in the project scope including electricians and fire door contractors. Through its dedicated team members RARE delivered the project ahead of schedule and within budget.

Site activities included:

  • Logistical management by developing site runs to ensure continual project productivity
  • Development of site-specific paperwork for each site
  • Compliance with site specific telecommunication notification and permit procedures
  • Class A and Class B asbestos removal to varying types of facilities
  • Regional asbestos waste transport and disposal under RARE’s EPA transport license and NSW EPAs ‘s WasteLocate tracking system