Fire Door Removal & Replacement

Project Description

RARE were engaged by Endeavour Energy to provide friable asbestos removals and building product reinstatement services for an out of service fire door within a basement substation. The fire door had reached the end of its useful life and the presence of friable asbestos required it to be removed by a Class A friable asbestos removal contractor.

This project presented several challenges, including lowering a large, heavy fire door safely to the ground without causing damage to the friable asbestos. Additionally, dismantling the door was critical so it could be removed safely from the basement location. RARE engaged and managed an experienced fire door subcontractor to manufacture and reinstate the new fire door.

Site activities included:

  • Development and implementation of all site-specific asbestos documentation
  • Engineer a solution to lower the door down safely
  • Undertake friable asbestos removal works
  • Consult with the Occupational Hygienist
  • Continual checking and maintenance of asbestos controls
  • Provision of dust suppression
  • Decontamination of personnel and equipment
  • Reinstatement of new fire door