Cornwallis Spoil Management

Project Description

RARE was engaged by Hawkesbury City Council to assist in the management of spoil generated during the repair of stormwater infrastructure damaged during flooding in 2021.  The stormwater pipes were washed away during the flood event, and significant excavation and stabilisation works were required to reinstate the pipes.

Soil at the site were identified as having potential impact of both per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and potential Acid Sulphate Soils (PASS). RARE’s role included:

  • Implementation of the Acid Sulphate Soil Management Plan (ASSMP)
  • Filed screening of soils, sampling to confirm liming rates and verification of successful soil treatment
  • Waste classification of soils potentially impacted by PFAS
  • Validation of the works as compliant with the ASSMP.