Asbestos Fill Investigation Works

Project Description

RARE were engaged by an environmental consultant to provide asbestos management, controls and decontamination services during targeted fill contamination investigation works. The site was in close proximity to the former James Hardie fibrous cement production facilities in the Parramatta local council area.

Due to the potential friable asbestos present within the site soils, all works were completed under the supervision and direction of RARE’s Class A asbestos removal license and a SafeWork NSW notification. Several challenges were presented at the site including high visibility, pedestrian activity and rain events.

RARE’s stringent approach and sound advice enabled the environmental consultant to complete their investigation with little disruption or delays due to the added personal protective equipment and controls required when sampling potentially asbestos contaminated soils.

Site Activities included:

  • Development and implementation of all site-specific asbestos documentation including Safe Work Method Statement and Asbestos Removal Control Plan pertaining to asbestos in soil sampling
  • Undertake all test pitting in accordance with Class A asbestos in soil conditions under the continual direction RARE’s asbestos supervisor
  • Frequent checking and maintenance of asbestos controls including barriers which separated pedestrians from the site
  • Emu pick each test pit area at the conclusion and reinstatement
  • Provision of mobile dust suppression
  • Decontamination of personnel and excavator
  • Removal and disposal of all asbestos waste and PPE