Asbestos Lurks in More Place Than You Think

Here at RARE, we are well versed with the significant risks that asbestos containing material (ACM) present as we deal with its management and safe removal during our day to day operations. Whether it is in your home, workplace or even within its naturally occurring environment, asbestos can present a significant health risk if not managed with the upmost caution. That is why it is paramount to always be asbestos aware during your refurbishment, construction, or site remediation undertakings.

RARE supports the Australian Government Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency in its push to make more people asbestos aware by running Asbestos Awareness Week on the 23-29 November. This year’s theme is ‘Asbestos lurks in more places than you’d think’.

Asbestos was known to have been utilised in the manufacture of over 3000 products of which fibre cement materials were the most common including wall, ceiling and eave linings, and corrugated roofing. These products, if removed poorly can also end up illegally dumped or incorporated into ‘cheap’ fill material.

Australia was the highest user of asbestos per capita in the world, prior to it being fully banned in 2003. But believe it or not asbestos is still making its way into Australia today through the importation of materials from countries which still use it in their manufacturing processes.
Peak asbestos use in Australia occurred in the 1960’s and 70’s but once the health risks became mainstream knowledge a gradual reduction occurred through the 1980’s with it being predominately phased out by the early 1990’s. However, large amounts of legacy asbestos are still present in many Australian homes, workplaces and the environment.

Under RARE’s Class A (friable) Asbestos Removal License, RARE’s dedicated and professional asbestos management team hold all the current qualifications and training to provide our clients with licensed asbestos supervision, safe removal and containment of asbestos, and disposal of all forms of asbestos. Our skilled team also comprises a Licensed Asbestos Assessor and Occupational Hygienist providing essential support and contribution to all RARE’s asbestos projects ensuring they are conducted to the highest industry standard and legislative requirements.

If you think you have come across asbestos and unsure what your next steps should be please contact RARE. We can assist your project through every stage from identification to safe disposal.